Seth Barham Design
Minimal and effective design, inspired by culture.


Your brand is my passion. 


Hi there! I'm Seth - a graphic designer, writer, and world traveler. Figuring out the visual representation of your business, or even yourself, can be quite a challenge. It’s not corporate, it’s not overblown. An effective brand should be simple, yet eye-catching and intuitive. Your clients want to be wowed by something beautiful, not encumbered by something clunky. The design is only the scaffolding for building a solid brand. It needs to be supported by engaging content that provides value to your customers. This balance of design and content is exactly what I strive for in any project and find great enjoyment in doing so.

If you'd like to find out more about me and my work, check out my Behance page for an extended portfolio or my Redbubble shop for some fun T-shirt designs inspired by my travels. Thanks for looking!



He is very proactive and always suggests very original ideas on how to formulate marketing points in the most appealing ways. I know Seth as a hardworking person and a serious team member. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly, and he makes sure that all deadlines are met.
— Dmitry Sevostyanov, Aurigma Inc.
Seth Barham has been instrumental in helping me create a business logo that reflects the principles of minimalism, creativity, and professionalism. His designs have helped me most effectively capture this fusion, whether it be for my website, business cards, or any other research materials that I produce.
— Dylan Waller, Nomadic Equity
Seth Barham’s editorial pieces are the sole reason I’ve allowed first-person narratives in AMPLIFIER. He’s highly creative while remaining journalistic, and his pieces have proven to be some of the most shared and engaging content pieces on our site.
— Jen Hasty, AMPLIFIER zine
I know logos and this is a great logo, believe me, the best logo. It’s amazing. Tremendous.
— Dalong, Shadow Gallery
Seth Barham has been a serious asset in the development of our VR projects. From creating great logos to designing some of the best-looking PowerPoints I’ve ever seen, time and time again he has impressed me and our clients.
— Nick Mitchell, VR China
Seth is a very talented graphic designer, he is a hard worker, dependable, great with the customers, he was a huge help over the summer, enjoyed working with him.
— Bonnie Ferguson, Quality Printing

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