Seth Barham Design
Minimal and effective design, inspired by culture.


The world is my office.



Figuring out the visual representation of your business, or even yourself, can be quite a challenge. It’s not corporate, it’s not overblown. An effective brand should be simple, yet eye-catching and intuitive. Your clients want to be wowed by something beautiful, not encumbered by something clunky. The design is only the scaffolding for building a solid brand. It needs to be supported by engaging content that provides value to your customers. This balance of design and content is exactly what I strive for in any project and find great enjoyment in doing so.

Minimalism is basically adopting the mantra "less is more" as a lifestyle choice. I own only the things I need, which makes frequent travel a hell of a lot easier. This philosophy also influences my day to day activities by helping me streamline workflow, allowing me to pursue experiences over material consumption, and just brings me peace of mind in general. It's also easy to see that this is a major factor in how I approach design, as I believe that communicating a message with as little fluff as possible is incredibly effective. 


Where is Seth

Daqing, Heilongjiang, China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Weather: Cold. Like, you can't be outside cold. 
Internet Reliability: VPN necessary. Prepare to wait a lot and use profanity where appropriate.
Cultural Pastimes: Downing tiny glasses of beer in rapid succession between sticks of tasty and interesting meats. 
National Drink: Baijiu. Proceed with caution.
DnD Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Many laws, but no rules. 





Footloose Fabric

Sometimes I just get an idea and want to run with it. These designs are usually inspired by my travels and I make them accessible to everyone through my T-shirt shop on Redbubble.


Passport Beerlandia

Join me as I try some of the best and most vile drinks the world has on offer. Wherever you are in the world, culture can be found at the bottom of a pint glass or in a jug of questionable homebrew.