Seth Barham Design
Minimal and effective design, inspired by culture.


A logo is just the surface.



Branding covers a lot of ground. Logo designs, social media banners, business cards, and pretty much anything that gives your business a beautifully consistent feel, fall under this umbrella. 



Even in the digital age, people still like a tangible connection to your business. This usually comes in the form of a slick business card, letterhead, or flyer, which are some of my favorite things to design. 



The visual representation of your business is important, but it is merely fluff if you don't have a strong message behind it. Allow me to provide written materials that represent your brand's vision.  


Web Design

WordPress, Squarespace, and other online platforms make building a website easier than ever, but there is still a learning curve and creative process involved. If you don't have the time, hand it over to me!



Don't go into that meeting with the same boring templates! I will customize a presentation to your unique needs. Blow everyone away in the boardroom with your ideas presented beautifully.


English Language Proofreading

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors look unprofessional in any language. If your business is trying to enter the English-speaking market, it pays to have a native speaker edit your content.



Don't be in the majority of businesses that miss the mark on SEO! From constructing an effective hierarchy of internal links to building backlinks, I'll make sure you rise above your competitors in search engine results.


Content Writing

Are you ready to launch a blog but lacking engaging content? I can provide you with blog posts and other engaging content that will draw visitors in. Don't go online with a skeletal website!


Ghost Writing

Not everyone has time for doing a long-form project on their own, and there are some people out there with great stories that can't write them. Ghosts come in real handy for situations like these.


Proficiency in these web-building platforms...