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Travel & Minimalism

I've pretty much been in a perpetual state of travel for the last five years. It began as just doing whatever random thing I could - study abroad in Sweden, conservation work in Iceland, teaching English in China - and has become the way I do business. Living and working abroad has easily been the best decision of my life, but it was by no means an easy decision to implement. The challenge is worth it. Every day is an adventure, the constant exposure to new cultures is enriching and I've met so many incredible people. Each new environment is a powerful source of inspiration in both my design and writing. 

Minimalism is basically adopting the mantra "less is more" as a lifestyle choice. I own only the things I need, which makes frequent travel a hell of a lot easier. This philosophy also influences my day to day activities by helping me streamline workflow, allowing me to pursue experiences over material consumption and just brings me peace of mind in general. It's also easy to see that this is a major factor in how I approach design, as I believe that communicating a message with as little fluff as possible is incredibly effective.


Articles & Guest Posts



BANDWIDTH #2: Seth Barham and Dylan Waller

For the second episode of BANDWIDTH, Dylan Waller and Seth Barham stop by to talk about transitioning from a small town to living abroad. Dylan has lived in several Asian countries, including India, Mongolia, China and Thailand. He is currently based in Vietnam as a fund analyst specializing in Asian markets. Seth began his travels studying in Sweden, met his girlfriend in Iceland, then moved to China to teach English together. He works as a writer and designer on the side. Both talk about their experiences, from questionable foods and jarring cultural encounters to the awkwardness that accompanies returning home. 



You don't need to be the host of a travel show or a trust fund kid to have some incredible experiences abroad. After 5 years of travel through 11 different countries, and living in 4 of them, I've tried to encapsulate everything I've learned into this short guide for anyone who wants to hit the road long-term. Plan your grand tour today!

Survive TEFL
In 2013, I moved to China to try my hand at something I never thought I'd do: teaching children. I was terrified before that first class, but three years later, it feels natural to me. I've tried to encapsulate some of my knowledge into this little ebook, as well as a few games to play in the classroom for those new TEFL teachers out there who may be similarly terrified. 

Spartan Wanderer Archive
A few years ago, I got rid of most of my stuff and started traveling the world. I've studied in Sweden, built hiking trails in Iceland and done the English teacher thing in a frozen corner of China. Spartan Wanderer was an attempt to help others interested in a similar lifestyle. This is an archive of the last five years of my travels, observations, rants and incoherent ramblings.