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Uprooting: A Beginner's Guide to Extended Travel


Nearly losing your toes while climbing an Icelandic glacier, being beaten by a traditional Chinese masseuse, and following a monk on a pilgrimage around a Tibetan mountain. You don't need to be the host of a travel show or a trust fund kid to have these experiences. After 5 years of travel through 11 different countries, and living in 4 of them, I've tried to encapsulate everything I've learned into this short guide for anyone who wants to hit the road long-term. My goal is to help you:

  • Take the leap if you've been thinking about living abroad
  • Find an opportunity in another country that's right for you 
  • Learn how to pack effectively and cut through the visa red tape
  • Become acclimatized to your new home and get the most out of your experience there
  • Deal with the unexpected ramifications upon returning home

Living in a different country will fundamentally change you and unlock parts of yourself that you never thought existed. It can also be challenging, whether it's a slap in the face by culture shock or the aftermath of bad street noodles. It doesn't matter if you're summiting mountains or managing a classroom - don't leave unprepared!