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Cornwall in Frame

It’s been a while. I got…busy. Then I went to England! Before I had a chance to digest my last pasty, I was stoned on sleep deprivation in Beijing Capital Airport, shuffling on autopilot towards the gate to board a plane back to Harbin, where I would have another 2-hour bus ride to my new apartment in Daqing. 

The England trip was happy times. Kate and I have what you would call an unconventional marriage, mostly spent separated by oceans, landmasses, and bureaucracy. When we can spend time together, usually a month at a time, we do what we do best: travel. 

We stayed within the UK this time, but if you didn’t know better, the scenery would often read as somewhere more Mediterranean. When it comes right down to it, Cornwall is a distinctive region in Britain with a rich heritage and culture all its own. So much so, in fact, that there was a burgeoning independence movement at one point. Depending on who you talk to, some of that sentiment remains.

We were just there for the pasties.

Oh, and the clotted cream ice cream. Perhaps the beer as well. Let’s just say we ate and drank well on this trip. Cornwall also had plenty of yummy stuff for the eyes, as you’ll see below. I’m going to stop talking now; more of the trip in the captions. 

NOTE: All of these photos were taken with a Xiaomi 5X, with minimal editing. It’s a fantastic phone for what I paid for it, but the camera is very temperamental. Some photos look like they were taken on my iPhone 6S+, others on an early-2000s flip phone. A more comprehensive review is forthcoming, where I will likely refer back to this post when discussing the camera quality. 

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