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Walkabout 4: Downtown Greensboro

If I ever glance "North Carolina" in my AP news updates feed, I'm instantly nervous. It's usually never good when we make national headlines. Some recent notable events include: legislation that requires voter ID, the infamous HB2 "bathroom bill", graceless loser Pat McCrory claiming voter fraud despite the aforementioned voter ID law that's supposed prevent already non-existent voter fraud, and...well, let's get to the point before I decide to cut my driver's license in half a few weeks after renewing it.

NC has its problems, but we're not Mississippi or anything (yes offense). There are worse places to live in America. We've got a surplus of natural beauty in the Appalachian mountains and the coastline of the Outer Banks. Even if our legislature is not, the majority of our cities are as progressive as they come. My own city, Greensboro, was an epicenter of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. We're named after one of George Washington's most esteemed generals, Nathaneal Greene, who forced the British out of the Carolinas into Virginia. We've got some stuff to be proud of, right? Right? 

I've done walkabouts in China, England, and Myrtle Beach, so it's time to stop neglecting my home city and feature it here while I'm waiting around to move to London. This walkabout is probably going to be shorter than others, partly because I'm limiting it to a few blocks in downtown Greensboro. Maybe I'll do one at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park at some point because there is some fairly interesting history there. But for now, let's admire the towering skyline of the Gate City. 

Note: The photos are not as great as they could be this week because I took them in my only free moment - at lunch when I just happened to be working from the Green Bean. Needless to say, noon with the sun blaring directly overhead is not the best time for photography.